• Matriculation:

The matriculation ceremony signifies the formal acceptance of the new students of the College. All fresh students are required to take The Matriculation Oath and sign the Matriculation Register. Nobody can claim to be a student of the College until he/she completed these formalities.

Only students who have satisfactorily completed the Pre-NCE programme, and obtained a minimum of 1.00GPA in not less than four of the core subjects shall be allowed to matriculate and enroll in the first year of the NCE programme.

  • Registration:

All students including carry-over students must register at the beginning of each semester.

Registration shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations which may be reviewed from time to time by the College.

Any continuing student, who fails to register after four weeks of the date of the beginning of a session, shall not be considered a bonafide student of the College.

Late registration shall carry a penalty of Three Hundred Naira (N300.00) only, after two (2) weeks, and Five Hundred Naira (N500.00) only, after one month.

No continuing students shall be allowed to register after the stipulated date of registration except with special permission. Such permission shall be given only to students with cases of ill-health supported with authentic medical certificate.

No new students shall be allowed to register after matriculation.

It is mandatory that students register for carry-over courses, and do all course work, tests and assignments that may be given before the semester examination commences.

  • Procedure for Registration:

New students shall be required to have the clearance form endorsed by the Head of Department and counter signed by Dean of School.

Procedure for registration shall include the following:

Payment of appropriate fees to the college online;

Filling of the appropriate Registration Forms Online;

Obtaining signatures from;

    • The course Adviser,
    • The Head of Department
    • Dean of School and,
    • The Registrar
  • Change of Course:

No students shall be allowed to change the course for which he/she is admitted.

  • Change of Name:

No students shall be allowed to change the names for which he/she is admitted.

  • Transfer of Students:
    • Candidates from other colleges may be allowed to complete their course at the       Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka. Approval shall be given only to candidates seeking admission to the second year.

The following conditions shall apply in considering application for transfer;

  • The candidates shall meet the above entry qualification of the College;
  • The candidates shall request for his/her academic transcript to be sent, under confidential cover to the Registrar;
  • Application of candidates who have spent one academic year out of studies from the College from which transfer is being sought, shall not be considered;
  • The candidates shall present a letter of testimony of good behaviour from the authority of the former College.
    • All applications for transfer shall be subject to consideration of the     Admissions Board.
    • Positive recommendation from the Admissions Board shall be subject to the ratification of the Academic Board.
  • Periods of Examination:

Examinations leading to the awards of the NCE, TTC and TTD Certificate/Diploma shall be held during each semester.

  • Publication of Results:
    • The list of successful candidates shall be published by the Department for each semester examination.
    • Provisional lists of names of successful final year candidates shall not be regarded as authentic until such names are confirmed by the Academic Board.
    • The onus is on the students to find out his/her academic performances from the published list and to his/her carry-over courses.
    • Irrespective of 8.3 above, the registrar shall ensure that the academic performance of each student is communicated to that student.
  • Withdrawal from the College:
    • A student shall normally be required to withdraw from the college in he/she fails to achieve the minimum academic standard which the College may prescribe from time to time.
    • A student shall normally be require to withdraw from the College if his/her academic performance is below 1.00GPA at the end on particular period of probation for one semester.
    •  (i) A student shall be on probation, if he has a Grade Point Average (GPA) of less than 1.00 for a particular semester such a student earn a period of probation for one semester.

(ii) Student having carry-over courses are required to register for such courses, attend lectures and do all course work (test/ assignments) before writing the examination. Failure to do the above will render any examination written invalid.

    • A student who enter for the NCE or the TTC course without official minimum qualification shall be required to withdraw from the College anytime the anomaly is discovered. Such withdraw is final.
    • Any student require to without on account of the condition above or is dismissed for misdemeanor or for examination malpractices shall not be eligible to be readmitted to the College at a future.

      10. Temporary Withdrawal:

  • A student may be granted on request, Leave of Absence from the College for a maximum period of one academic year.
  • Request for temporary may be considered by the Academics Board from candidates with genuine problems. Permission may be granted provided that the applicant supports his/her application with acceptance evidence;
  • A students who withdraws on medical grounds will require an authentic medical report of fitness from a Government Hospital before he can be readmitted;
  • A student who withdraws from the College on his/her own volition and without permission from the College shall not be readmitted at a later date without going through the regular process of fresh admission.

11.  Refund of Fees after Withdraw:

Fees paid to the College shall normally not be liable for refund. The following conditions shall, however, apply in treating specific cases;

  • Students who voluntary withdrawal after matriculation shall not be entitled to a refund of all other fees including course fee where applicable. Fees paid for services of validation of credentials may be refunded.
  • A student who voluntary withdraws before matriculation shall be entitled to a refund of all other fees designated as non-refundable;
  • A student who is required to withdraw for cases of certificate forgery or inadequacy or for any other reasons not directly caused by the College shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever;
  • A student who withdraws as a result of error in admission corrected by the College shall be entitled to a full refund.

Entry qualifications for NCE Technical, Vocational Science Business Education: 

Full time and part time applicants must, in addition to attaining an acceptable level of performance at the PCE, meet the following minimum standards in not more than two of these examinations:

  1. GCE ‘O’ Level, SSC or SC passes in at least five (5) subjects at one sitting, three (3) of which must be at credit level OR four credits at two sittings.
  2. Grade II Teacher’s certificate (TCII) with credits or merit passes in at least three (3) subjects out of five passes.
  3. For the technical courses, the subject must include mathematics/arithmetic and two physical science subjects.
  4. City and guides/WAEC Technical/Craft/intermediate Part II/Course B certificate in Building and Woodwork, Mechanical or electrical trades respectively, plus the Federal Craft Certificate (FCC) with at least four credit pass in four academic subjects including mathematics, science, English Language and Social Studies.
  5. WASC (commercial) RSA stage II Group Certificate with passes in five (5) subjects at not more than two sittings. The passes should include English language and two subjects relevant to the course of study.

Entry qualifications for Pre-Technical, Vocational Science and Business Education:

  1. WASC/GCE ‘O’ Level/SSC with at least 4 passes at one sitting or 5 passes at two sitting in English Language, Mathematics and any other two relevant subjects in technical Drawing, Woodwork, Building Construction, Applied Electricity, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Home Management, Food and Nutrition, and Visual Arts.
  2. WAEC technical certificate part one in addition to Federal Craft Certificate with at least 4 passes on English language, Mathematics, General Science, Chemistry and Social Studies.
  3. WAEC Technical/intermediate/Part II course B certificate in technical related area.
  4. Federal craft certificate with at least credit passes in 4 (four) academic subject in English language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, General Science and any other subject for Technical drawing and social studies. OR
  5. Teachers Grade II certificate with a pass in English Language, Mathematics/ Arithmetic Processes, General/Integrated Science and any other science related subject such as Health Science, Agricultural Science etc.
  6. At least 4 passes, including English Language, Mathematics and one relevant business subject in NABTEB or SSCE/GCE ‘O’ Level at not more than two sittings. Relevant business subjects are; Accounting/Book Keeping, Economics, Commerce, Typewriting, Shorthand and Introduction to Business Management.

Entry Qualifications for TTC (Technical Teacher’s Certificate in Science Education):

Applicants must possess Technical, Vocational Business and any of the following:

  • University Degree or professional qualification(s) in relevant field.
  • Higher National Diploma of an accredited Polytechnic or College of technology.
  • WAEC Advance (Final or Full) Technological Certificate of City and Guilds of London in Engineering or Building Trades.
  • WASC/GCE ‘O’ L or SSSC with at least four credits at two sittings or three credits at one sittings of which must be English language together with recognized certificate in short-hand and typewriting at 120/50w.p.m

Entry Qualifications for TTC (Technical Teacher’s Certificate in Science Education):

  • WAEC/GCE/NECO. With four passes obtained at not more than two sittings. These must include English Language and at least one of the science subjects: biology, chemistry, physics mathematics and Health Science.
  • Teacher’s Grade II Certificate with merits in at least four subjects which must include English Language and the relevant Science Subjects.

Professional Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Registered Nurse (Nigeria) or state Registered Nurse RN (Nig.) or SRN Certificate.
  2. Candidates for Midwifery tutors Course must possess registered Midwife (Nigeria) or State Certificate, Midwife Certificate (RN Nig. Or SCM Certificate)
  3. Candidates for Public Health Nurse Tutors course must possess registered Public Health Nurse (Nig.) or HV Certificate.
  4. Candidates for Psychiatric Nurse tutors Course must possess Registered Psychiatric Nurse (Nigeria) or Registered Mental Nurse Certificate.

Full-Time and Part-Time Programmes:

(Carry-Over Courses)

A students who fails to attain the level of a pass or 40% in any course shall carry-over the course. The onus is on student to ensure that he/she satisfies the course requirements by doing the appropriate course work assessments. A student shall be required to registered for a carry-over course and attend lecture at the beginning of each semester for which the course is scheduled.

A candidate shall be credited with his true score in any examination of a carry-over course. The actual shall not be reduced to 40%. The previous score earned by the student before the carry-over shall also be used to compute the GPA before the carry-over examination is taken, subject to the condition for probation and withdrawal specified in these regulation, a student shall be allowed to repeat courses carried over provided that the total number of credit units carried during that semester does not exceed 24 and that the grades earned at all attempts shall count towards the calculation of the CGPA.


Any student who at the end of any particular semester of study, achieve below 1.00 Cumulative grade Point Average (CGPA) shall earn a period of probation for one semester.

Incomplete Grade:

  1. A student who fails to satisfy the examiner(s) in project work/ assignment which is an integral part of the course but has otherwise successful met the other requirements of the course, shall be given the incomplete grade (1) unit such a time that all the requirements are met.
  2. After the sixth week of a semester, a student who withdraws or fails to complete the requirement of any course owing to unforeseen circumstances approved by the academic board, shall be given the incomplete (1) grade. Such a student could repeat the course without any penalty.

Procedure for Review of Scripts:

  • Any student who wishes to review his scripts because he/she is dissatisfied with the grade awarded in the examination should apply through his Dean to the Registrar mentioning the papers concerned.
  • Any review of result is allowed by the academic board only within one week from the day of publication of result.
  • Such student should be ready to pay for:

i. Recall of script fees

ii. Remarking fees and

iii. Other administrative charges as may be determined from time to time by the academic board.

  • The receipt of payment should accompany any request for review.
  • The general grade of student shall be the grade awarded by independent Examiner.

Academic Standing:

A student must past all courses specified in his/her curriculum and obtain a Grade Average Point of 1.00 in each semester to make normal progress towards the award of a certificate/diploma.


  1. Satisfactory completion of a period of twelve (12) weeks teaching practice or as may be prescribed by the academic board, is required for the award of certificate / diploma.
  2. The period of the teaching practice shall be arranged within the first semester of the final year or at any other time as the academic board may deem appropriate.
  3. The grading of teaching practice shall be the same as the grading system generally in use for all other courses. The twelve (12) weeks of teaching practice shall earn six (6) credits.
  4. Any student who has carry-over in the major core courses will not be allowed to do teaching practice.
  5. A candidate who has satisfied the examiners in the teaching practice but still has outstanding units for the award of the certificate/ diploma shall be credited with his/her teaching performance and shall not be required to repeat teaching practice exercise.

Failure in Teaching Practice:

A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in teaching practice shall be re-examined at next time when the exercise is scheduled.

Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES):

  1. A student is required to have eight (8) weeks of industrial work experience in each of the first two years of the NCE programmes;
  2. The evaluation of the performance of a student during each year of his industrial attachment shall be the same as the grading system generally in use for all other courses. One week of industrial attachment shall attract one credit unit,
  3. A student who fails to satisfy the examiner each industrial work experience shall be required to repeat the scheme at his/her expense.